How to start the game ?

To start the game, you need to pick a name, which will be your name during the game.

The name could be your real name, or any nickname you like.

Photo Roulette App
Photo Roulette Game

Create game

After typing your name, click on create game.

Random vs selective photos

Here you can set how many rounds would you like to play.

You can also select if you want to play with random photos from your device or selective photos you chose yourself.

Photo roulette application

Game pin

Now you will see a game pin, which you need to share with your friends who would like to join the game.

You can also share the pin, with clicking on the share button.

Who's already in

Once your friends join, you will see them appearing.

When all your friends joined, click on ”start playing” to start the game.

The game has started

Now you will start to see photos, which could be any of the players photo.

You need to guess whose photo is this.

The score will be based on right answer and how fast you tap.

Final Results

At the end of each round you will see the scores.