Fun Game

Photo & Video Roulette is a fun multi players game. During the game you see different photos and/or videos from you and your friend’s galleries and have to guess whose photo or video it is. Each game has several rounds and the best and fastest player wins. You can either select the photos you want to be shown during the game or let Photo & Video Roulette choose them randomly from your gallery. It’s a fun party game and the bigger the group, the more fun it is. This game will show how well you know your friends and how fast and good you can guess.

We all have probably hundreds of old photos on our phones which we rarely look at anymore. Thanks to Photo & Video Roulette, you get to see your and your friend’s old photos and videos again and while sometimes it may be a real truth ir dare moment, it will also bring up a lot of old fun stories and fond memories. That’s one of the main ideas of this photo guessing game, besides testing your guessing skills.

When you start the app, you can choose a username and an avatar, which you can change whenever you like. You can also choose how many rounds you want to play (up to 10 rounds) and either start a game yourself or join one. If you start a game you get a code, which you have to pass to your friends so they can join your game. At the beginning of each game, you can choose if you want to see only photos, only videos, or both. If you don’t want Photo & Video Roulette choose them randomly from your gallery, you can select the photos or videos you want to be shown.

Once all players have joined, photos and/or vodeos from all player’s devices will be shown for a few seconds. Now you have to guess whose image it is. The players who guesses the fastest and who guesses correctly wins. At the end of the game the best player will win the whole game.